How to Look After a Boiler
Your boiler is one of the most important things in your home, here are a few things to can do to try make sure it's working when you need it


Step One

Check your boiler is working at least once a week. It’s important to check it even in the summer months, ahead of the cold weather coming back. If it’s not working, report a repair as soon as you can.

Pay As You Go Meter

Step Two

If you have a pay as you go gas or electricity meter, try to make sure you have plenty of credit on it in case it gets cold quickly. If your gas or electricity won’t come on, remember to check you’re definitely in credit before you report a repair.

Gas Safety Check

Step Three

Be aware of gas safety checks. We perform gas safety checks once a year, which can help us spot any problems with your boiler. These checks are really important to keep you safe and legally we have to perform them. Bear in mind that we’ll need to be able to access your home in order to perform the check. You can expect to receive a letter 8 weeks before these checks are due with more information. Find out more about gas safety.

Report A Repair Boiler Page

Step four

If your boiler doesn't work then please report a repair straight away.