Reference for tenancy
Before you move in, we might need to ask for references from your current or previous landlord
Or maybe your moving on and you need to ask us for a reference

Tenant references help us make sure you have a good track record with paying your rent on time and acting in a respectful way towards your home and neighbours.

What is a tenancy reference letter?

A tenant reference letter is a letter that we send to your current or previous landlord at the point of receiving your housing applicaton form. It includes a few questions for your landlord to answer. This is to help us understand a little more about your time living in their property and how your tenancy went.

Who can provide a reference?

We’ll ask for a reference from your current landlord. If you’re not currently renting a property (for example, if you’re currently staying with friends or family), we might ask for a reference from a previous landlord instead.

Will my landlord give me a reference?

Most likely, yes. But it’s entirely your landlord’s choice whether they do or not. They don’t legally have to.

Don’t panic though. If your current or previous landlord refuses to give you a reference, it doesn’t necessarily mean we won’t be able to offer you a home. Remember, honesty is always the best policy so please be upfront and let us know straight away about any problems that you think might affect your reference.

Need a tenancy reference from us? Only landlords can request a reference.
We are unable to provide this to the tenant.

Complete the form below if you're a landlord and need a reference from us for a current or former tenant of Williamsburgh.

We will require a signed mandate from the current or former tenant to enable us to provide you with the information.

We'll be back in touch within ten working days to help you.

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