Williamsburgh Housing Association is one of the largest Housing Associations in Renfrewshire.

Williamsburgh initially set up to co-ordinate the improvement of sub-tolerable tenements in the east end of Paisley, the Association's role has developed and expanded and we now provide over 1639 homes to our community.

Our 40+ year history has seen our organisation mature into a key player in building homes and communities by providing quality housing for rent, and injecting millions of pounds into the local economy through our housing management, development, and maintenance work.

Within the local area we work with the other local housing associations, for example, Paisley Housing AssociationLinstone Housing Association and Bridewater Housing Association to share ideas and discuss opportunities.

We work closely with Renfrewshire Council on areas to do with maintaining and improving your homes, participating in developing local strategy and attaining funding for new homes. We have close links with all the local Councillors and elected members within the area.