Cyclical and Planned Maintenance
Our aim is to ensure that all of our tenants live in well maintained and comfortable homes, so every year we invest in our planned maintenance projects

Our cyclical and planned maintenance is work that requires to be carried out on an agreed cycle and can be annually or every number of years.

Are there any current plans for my property?

Our planned maintenance program for 2020/21 was affected by the Coronavirus restrictions placed on the type of work we were able to carry out. As a result of this situation, some of this work has been carried over into 2021/22.

To find out which properties will be affected by these contracts use the buttons below to find the addresses.

Fire System & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Fire Alarm Upgrade (LD2) now at 90% complete for all our properties - Deadline February 2022

Boiler Upgrades

No properties

Bathroom Replacement
  • 11-17 Clarence Street Paisley
  • St Margarets Court Paisley
  • 98-100 Renfrew Road Paisley
  • Broomlands Lane Paisley
  • Wallace Street Paisley
  • 1 William Street Paisley
  • Porterfield Road
  • Thomson Street
  • 3-51 Rankine Place
  • 21-25 Love Street
  • North and South Lodge
Kitchen Replacement
  • Rankine Street Johnstone
  • Rankine Place Johnstone
  • 5 Victoria Drive East
  • 19 & 36 Moorpark Square Renfrew
  • Cassidy Drive
  • Clark Street
  • 32-36 Kilnside Road
  • 39-43 Bank Street
  • 45-61 Bank Street
  • 29-33 Cochran Street
  • 40-44 Bank Street

Doors and Windows
  • 24-36 and 48-54 Kilnside Road
  • 39-43 Bank Street
  • 29-33 Cochran Street
  • 67 Kilnside Road
  • 7 and 9 Seedhill Road
  • 45-61 and 40-54 Bank Street
  • 29-33 Cochran Street

No immediate plans?

If there are no plans listed for your street, this does not mean that no work will be done. We carry out regular maintenance work in all our areas. If there are any issues you would like to discuss with us, please contact Customer Services.

If there are no plans for your property and you think something is broken beyond repair you can request an inspection.

Will I be notified?

When carrying out maintenance work or repairs we will notify tenants in advance. If we plan to carry out any work to your home, you will receive letters from us beforehand, informing you of the planned work and when this will be undertaken.

Request an inspection

If you think something in your property is broken beyond repair you can request an inspection by contacting our Customer Services Team and they will arrange this. Once we have received your request we will arrange an inspection and assess the problem you have reported.

We carry out property inspections regularly across our stock to make plans for the future. We will also be commissioning an independent Stock Condition Survey in 2020. If you wish to find out more, please contact us.

Value for money

Our procurement process is robust and all contractors are selected carefully. Not only are contracts selected based on the contract value but also on their ability to deliver the high levels of quality which we demand. This ensures that every pound of your rent committed to improvements is spent wisely.