Estate Management
To ensure that our tenants enjoy a well-kept, tidy and attractive living environment we provide a wide range of estate management service

Estate inspections

Your Area Housing Assistant carries out inspections of all our properties and communal areas on a regular basis.  This includes close and stairs, bin store areas and landscape maintenance.

If items are found on your landing at your door, you will be asked to remove them.

Where close cleaning is not provided by a contractor, and they are found to be unsatisfactory, you will be asked to bring them up to standard.

Garden inspections

We also check that tenants individual gardens don't become overgrown or littered with refuse.  If your garden is found to be unsatisfactory, you will be asked to bring it up to standard..

Ground maintenance

We have arrangements in place for the maintenance of all the hard and soft landscaped areas that we are responsible for. Our contractor looks after all grass, trees, shrubs and hedges.  If you notice that the service is not being carried out correctly, please let us know.

Empty properties?

It can be frustrating if you know that a property is empty and it appears that we are not doing anything about it. However, the process for recovering properties can be lengthy, so if you believe a property is unoccupied and think we don't know about it please let us know. We will look into it as quickly as possible.