Why take part in our survey?
The Association holds surveys with tenants for reasons such as...

Help make better decisions

for example the Annual Rent Increase Survey

Get your feedback 

After receiving a service, in order help us improve and respond to complaints. We are particularly eager to receive your views on the letting process and how we handle repairs and reports of antisocial behaviour. Satisfaction surveys for planned maintenance work help to determine if we should continue to use the contractor, to give tenants the opportunity to express either dissatisfaction or positive feedback which is then passed onto contractors and to see if we could better organise similar work in the future. 

Tell us how we are performing

We used an annual satisfaction survey, which means interviewing about 870 tenants over a 3 year cycle to determine how you feel about the overall service, how we communicate, promote participation in decision making, give tenants value for money and ask you about the standard of your accommodation. This helps use look at trends and satisfaction levels in particular locations. These results are published in our Annual Report.