Emergency Information

Emergency RepairsPlease call 0141 887 8613. During office hours a member of the Customer Service Team will assist and out with office hours press option 1 to be transferred to our out of hours service.
Emergency repairs

An emergency repair is something that poses an immediate risk to your health, safety or security, which is why it’s really important we look at these jobs first.

What is an emergency repair?

Some examples of emergency repairs include:

  • Total loss of electricity, water or gas
  • Partial loss of power, such as no lights or no drinking water
  • A serious plumbing or gas leak
  • A serious roof leak or major structural failure
  • Your heating breaks down in winter or a member of your household is elderly, disabled, chronically sick or you have children under the age of five
  • Your hot water stops working and a member of your household’s health relies on regular bathing or you have children under the age of five
  • You only have one toilet and you can’t use it
  • You need to secure your home following an incident of racial harassment, fire, domestic violence, police activity or if the property becomes empty
  • Any other repair that puts you or others around you in danger
What if my repair is not an emergency?

If your repair is not an emergency, the easiest way to tell us is to report a repair online.

Please don’t exaggerate your repair to get a quicker response. If you do, we might have to charge you for the cost of an emergency call out.

How do I report an emergency repair?

If you need to report an emergency repair in your home, please call us straight away on 0141 887 8613.

Emergency repairs should always be reported to us by phone as it means we’ll be able to get to you more quickly.

You can call 01294 468 113 on evenings and weekends to report any emergency repair

When will my emergency repair be fixed?

We know that when you have an emergency repair you want it to be sorted out as quickly as possible. Once you tell us about the problem, we’ll aim to have a contractor with you within four hours and the repair completed within 24 hours. If the repair ends up being a little more complex than we first thought, there’s a chance we might need to come back another time to fully fix the repair. Your contractor will explain everything to you when they get there.

Will I have to pay to have my emergency repair fixed?

In most cases, no. If your repair is an emergency then we will cover the costs of the repair.

But please bear in mind that we’ll charge you for any repairs that are not our responsibility or for any damage that has been caused by misuse.

Check out our and your responsibilities for examples of the type of repairs we will pay for.

What is the Right to Repair scheme?

Some Williamsburgh's customers can use the Right to Repair scheme to get small, urgent repair jobs done. If we fail to complete the work within a certain timescale, you can claim compensation under the scheme.

The scheme covers certain small repairs under £350 in Scotland, that could cause a health or safety problem if they’re not fixed within a few days.

These could include:

  • Unsafe electrical fittings
  • Toilets that won't flush (unless there is another toilet in the home)
  • Blocked sinks, baths or basins
  • Leaking roofs, pipes, tanks or cisterns

Find out more about the Right to Repair in Scotland.

What happens if my repair is due to accidental damage?

We know accidents can sometimes happen at home. If you accidentally damage any part of your home or its contents, you’ll be responsible for covering the cost of any repairs needed.

Remember there may be some circumstances where you can safely carry out the repair yourself - take a look at our how to guides for some of the most common faults that can happen in your home.

If the damage has led to an emergency situation or you’re not sure what to do, please call us on 0141 887 8613. We’ll still carry out the repair in an emergency but you might need to pay for the work. Once we understand how the damage was caused, we’ll let you know whether you'll be charged.

Remember, it’s important to organise insurance when you first move in - check with your contents insurance company to find out if you’re covered for the cost of accidental damage.

To find out more about which repairs you’ll need to pay for, take a look at your tenancy agreement or our and your responsibilities.

I've reported an emergency repair. What should I do now?

In an emergency situation, nothing is more important than your safety.

If your home has a serious water leak move electrical equiptment and valuables away from the area that the water is coming through.

A gas leak, turn of emergency shut off valve at the gas meter then open your windows and evacuate your home straight away. Then call National Grid 0800 111 999.

If it’s safe to stay in your home, please sit tight until one of our repair contractors arrive. They aim to be with you within a maximum of two hours.