Become a shareholding member and join our Management Committee
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Our Management Commitee is ultimately responsible for everything we do, from approving our budget to monitoring performance. It’s a serious commitment but worth it as your experience as a customer is what makes this role so important.

In order to join the Management Committee, you must become a member of Williamsburgh Housing Association. You can do both, by completing the form below.

SMT 2023

Shareholding membership

Williamsburgh Housing Association is a democratic organisation, accountable to its members.  We aim to encourage as wide a membership as possible.  A £1.00 share secures life membership, attendance at the Annual General Meeting and participation in the election of the Management Committee and/or candidacy for election to the Committee.

Who can join us?

Membership is open to anyone who is at least 18 years of age, 16 if a tenant of Williamsburgh Housing Association.  Membership is not restricted to one per household.

On death or withdrawal of a member, the share will be cancelled and the amount paid (£1.00) will become the property of the Association.

Your application will be considered at the first Committee meeting after receipt or as soon thereafter, as is possible.  The share certificate will be issued to successful applicants within one week of approval.

The Association will use every means to promote shareholding membership as we believe it is important that our membership not only reflects the composition of the communities we serve but also has the opportunity to influence the Association’s priorities.

Choosing your degree of involvement

As a shareholder, you receive an invitation to attend the Annual General Meeting which provides a useful insight into the Association’s business and the activities of the Committee.

You also receive several newsletters each year and a copy of our annual report.  You may, however, wish to consider becoming more involved, for example, by standing for election to the Management Committee.


The Association is fully committed to encouraging residents to take part in decisions related to its projects, ongoing property management and maintenance.

Participation is seen as a basic right and can bring real benefits to everyone directly involved and to the communities at large.  The Association itself was established on the basis that if people feel involved, they can identify with what is being done, and are more likely to play an active part in determining the services which affect them.