how to change a flurescent strip light
Don't be in the dark with this guide to changing a fluorescent strip light

If your light is flickering then you may need to change the starter. But if it’s shimmering or going dim then you may need to replace the fluorescent strip.

Changing the starter 


Step One

Make sure the light is switched off.


Step two

Press the starter in (it will be on one end of the strip) and turn it anti-clockwise until you can take it out of the slot.


Step Three

Take it along to the shop and match it up with a new one.


Step Four

Once you have the new starter, push it back into the slot and turn it clockwise to lock it into place.

Changing the fluorescent strip

Strip One

Step One

Your light may have a diffuser, a plastic strip covering the bulb. If it does, just unclip it and put it to one side.

Strip Two

Step Two

Hold the bulb at both ends and turn it by 90 degrees and listen out for a click.  Move it slightly to one end and it will release from the fitting.

Strip Three

Step Three

To replace the new bulb, hold it at both ends and make sure it lines up with the grooves in the fitting.

Strip Four

Step Four

Turn it by 90 degrees and listen out for it clicking into place.

Strip Five

Step Five

Put the diffuser back on to cover the bulb.

Strip Six

Step Six

Turn on the light to check it’s now working.