How to Unblock a Sink
A blocked sink is usually caused by a build up of grime and dirt over time, which means this is normally your responsibility to fix if there's an issue

How do I unblock a sink?

You can buy a chemical unblocker product at the supermarket, which will have instructions for use on the back, or use a plunger. Alternatively, you can follow the simple steps below to find out how to unclog your drain with things you might already have in your home:

First Sink

Step One

Make sure your sink is dry.

Kettle 2 Cups And Soda

Step Two

Pour at least one whole cup of baking soda down the drain followed by two cups of boiling water.

3  Min Timer

Step Three

Wait a few minutes.

Baking Soda And Vinegar

Step Four

Add on more cup of baking soda and a cup of white vinegar.


Step Five

Plug the drain if you can. If you hear it bubbling and fizzing, that means its working. 

Kettle 2 Cups

Step Six

Once the bubbles have all gone, you can wash it away with another two cups of boiling water.

Shiny Sink

Step Seven

Try to keep your sink clean and dont wash food or fat down the plughole (this will stop it getting blocked again).


Step Eight

You could also repeat the above steps once a month to keep everything running smoothly.