Antisocial Behaviour
We believe that everybody has the right to a safe place to live
That's why we always take any reports of anti-social behaviour extremely serious

What is anti-social behaviour?

We describe anti-social behaviour as behaviour that causes alarm, fear or distress to others. It can affect one person or a whole neighbourhood, and can cover lots of things such as illegal and immoral behaviour, violence, harassment or youth nuisance.

Remember, there’s a difference between anti-social behaviour and everyday neighbourhood niggles. We don’t always see eye to eye with our neighbours and things like a noisy one-off party, children playing in the street, pesky pets and parking can sometimes be annoying. 

In some cases, having a calm conversation with your neighbour is the best way to solve these sorts of problems. After all, they might not even realise their behaviour is bothering you!

How can I report anti-social behaviour?

We understand that it’s not always as easy as having a chat and there are times when things might get out of hand. That’s when you need to take further action to sort out the problem as quickly as possible. 

Find out more about how to report anti-social behaviour to us.

Report anti-social behaviour 

Our promise to you

  • We take your reports of anti-social behaviour seriously.
  • We will use all powers available to us to tackle anti-social behaviour
  • We make sure our employees are appropriately trained so that the service you receive from us is the best it can be
  • We will work with other agencies where necessary