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Changes to Factoring Services

Important changes to our factoring services 

At the start of the new financial year, 1 April 2023, our factoring service will no longer be provided by our Subsidiary, Williamsburgh Property Services. Instead, it will be provided solely by Williamsburgh Housing Association Ltd. 

What these changes mean for you; 

There will be no change in the service you receive from us and our staff, but changes you will see are: 

Your invoice and any other written communications will be on this letterhead, and not Williamsburgh Property Services. 

Williamsburgh Housing Association Ltd will not be VAT registered and as a result with the effect from 1 April 2023 you will no longer be charged VAT on the management and selling fees.  

Our factoring service is currently provided by Sam McNealey, who you can contact for any factoring enquiry. Sam’s contact details are: 0141 847 6711, or 

Are you a new factored owner? If the answer is yes, please contact Sam McNealey to give her your details to keep our records up to date.

Factoring Services