Mutual Exchange of Tenancy

As a Williamsburgh  Housing Association tenant you are eligible to mutually exchange properties with any other social landlord tenant as long as certain conditions are met and both Landlords agree in writing to the exchange taking place.

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The main conditions for exchanges are:

  • Neither tenant currently has rent arrears
  • Each tenant has a satisfactory tenancy record
  • And, the properties involved in the swap are suitable, meaning they are the correct size and type of property for the people who will be moving into them. For incoming tenants, their family composition must meet our occupation guidelines as contained within our Allocations Policy

I have found a suitable swap, what should I do next?

Once you have identified a suitable swap on House Exchange, Williamsburgh require both parties to complete a Mutual Exchange Application Form in order to request permission. Additionally, if you are wishing to swap with a tenant from another social landlord, both parties will also be required to request and complete their forms.

Once an application has been recieved we will visit you at your property and complete a home visit and a property inspection.  If there is another landlord involved we will liase with them and mutually agree whether the swap can go ahead.

Please remember if you are interested in an exchange, you must not move until you have permission from your landlord in writing.

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