Paying Your Rent 

Your rent is due every monthly, in advance, on or before the 28th day.

Every tenant who accepts a tenancy with us is required to pay their first month’s rent, in advance, on the date that you sign for your tenancy.  If, however, you are not working and can not make this payment, you are required to make a minimum payment of £10, on the day, and weekly thereafter until such times as either your Housing Benefit, or your Universal Credit claim has been settled.

Allpay cards are provided to as soon after you sign for your tenancy as possible.

If you do not have an Allpay card or if you have misplaced or lost your card please contact us to request a new one.

However, we offer a number of payment methods in order to make paying your rent as easy as possible but strongly recommend that you set up a Direct Debit.  This allows your rent to be paid automatically to your rent account without any fuss or delay.

Direct Debit Logo

Please contact us on 0141 887 8613 to set up a Direct Debit over the phone.  

Allpay Logo

Pay online with your Allpay card. Click on the icon to take you directly to the Allpay website.

Allpay logo

Pay using the Allpay App. Pay anytime anywhere! Securely stores bank details & payment amounts. 

Download! Follow the link for assistance on how to set up Allpay App Procedure.

Post Office Logo

Pay at your Local Post Office with your Allpay card.  Click on the icon to find your nearest branch.

Paypoint Logo

Pay at a Paypoint location with your Allpay Card. Click on the icon to find your nearest store.

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