The Role of the Tenancy Team in your Neighbourhood

Our team consists of four Area Housing Assistants and a Housing Officer and we are responsible for carrying out a variety of tasks.  Our role is to ensure that our areas are well managed, with a particular focus on estate management, neighbour disputes and anti-social behaviour.

As a team, we respond to emerging issues whilst also providing a service to tenants.  We carry out new tenancy sign ups which helps us to get to know our tenants from the beginning and make referrals to supporting agencies if required, we also visit new tenants once they have moved in to their home. Estate management inspections are a large part of our role and a minimum of four are completed each year, if we feel the common areas are unsatisfactory additional inspections are conducted and any follow up actions carried out. 

As a team one of our main challenges this year has been the introduction of the additional green recycling bin and we are continuing to experience a high level of calls from concerned residents.  We are working with Renfrewshire Council to try and address the number of contaminated bins in the back courts and we hope that residents will actively follow the recycling guidance issued by Renfrewshire Council. 

Neighbour disputes can often cause friction and can escalate quickly.  We therefore aim to work proactively with our tenants, private residents and landlords to address concerns and manage expectations so an acceptable resolution can be reached.  If residents are experiencing ongoing issues we ask that they record as much information as possible including dates, times and any additional details, this helps us to fully understand what has been happening and informs what actions we take.

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