FAQs - My Tenancy

What is the difference between a transfer and an exchange?

A mutual exchange is an agreement between two or more housing association (or local authority) tenants to ‘swap’ properties.  The responsibility to find a suitable exchange is down to the tenant, however written permission must be sought from any involved landlords prior to the swap going ahead.  Williamsburgh will not process a mutual exchange until we receive completed application forms.  If you are interested in finding a swap you can create an advert for your property in our office and this will be displayed on our mutual exchange board.

In addition you can also register to swap your home at The Homexchange Shop which is based at 7A Moss Street, Paisley PA1 1BG.,The shop is run in partnership between the Council and Linstone, Paisley South, Ferguslie Park, Williamsburgh, Sanctuary, Horizon and Link Housing Associations.

A transfer is different; tenants are required to complete a Williamsburgh Housing application form, in order to be added to the Transfer waiting list.  Your application will be assessed and you will be graded according to your current circumstances.  If a suitable property becomes available and you are at the top of the appropriate transfer list we will contact you to establish your interest.  You will not be given preference because you already live in a particular area where a vacancy has become available. All allocations follow the allocation policy and are allocated on housing need and list positions only.

I have lost my keys - does Williamsburgh have a spare set?

Once you have signed your tenancy agreement Williamsburgh will hand over all sets of keys to you. We do not keep any spare or additional sets.  Once a property has been let to you, you become responsible for its security, therefore if you happen to lose your keys, you will need to arrange for a joiner to change the locks.
We recommend that you give a spare key to a reliable family member or close friend, so that in the event something does happen, you do not have the expense of changing the locks. If the Association is required to instruct this work, a standard fee of £60 is charged in advance.

Do I have an allocated parking space?

Williamsburgh has a number of developments which have shared car parking areas, some of these have parking permits allocated but none have allocated spaces for individual properties.  All Williamsburgh carparks work on a first come basis, regardless of whether a space is closer to one property than another or whether a certain tenant has parked there for years.  If you are having a parking dispute at your development please contact a member of the Tenancy team.

Can I apply for a disabled parking bay to be added outside my house?

Yes you can, as long as you or a member of your household is a blue badge holder. You will be required to complete an application form with Renfrewshire Council, as they assess whether an allocated space is required and will be responsible for completing the work. You will also need to request written permission from the Association prior to the space being identified, to ensure there are no reasons why this work would not be allowed. Please note, even if you request the disabled parking space, it will not be ‘your’ personal parking space, anybody with a valid disability badge will have the right to park their vehicle in it, even if it is outside your property.

It should also be noted that should someone who does not hold a blue badge park in the space, there is nothing that the Association can do to enforce this.  It relies purely on the good will and co-operation of others.

Can I pass my tenancy on to someone else?

Tenants can ‘assign’ or pass the tenancy of their house to another party with our consent, if it can be demonstrated that the house has been the assignee’s only, or principal home, for at least 12 months beforehand. The Association's permission must be obtained.  We will consider the circumstances, under which the proposed assignation is to take place and will not unreasonably withold permission.

I plan to work away for a while, can I rent out my property?

Should you plan to be away from your home for a period of time and wish to rent it to someone else, you must obtain the Association's permission. Consideration will be given to the terms of the proposed sub-let, before agreement will be given. The maximum period for a sub-let will normally be 6 months. You will remain responsible for ensuring that the rent is paid and that your sub-lessee adheres to all the tenancy conditions. Should the Association grant permission for the sub-let, we will provide you with the required tenancy agreement to be used.

Do I need building insurance for my home?

No, your home is covered by Williamsburgh’s own insurance if the structure of the building is damaged by things such as fire or flood.  However, internal decoration and any personal belongings including all floor coverings are not.  It is your responsibility to arrange cover for these types of items against accidental damage, loss or theft.  Williamsburgh will not provide financial assistance in the event that you have not arranged adequate insurance for your possessions. We strongly recommend that our tenants purchase Household Contents Insurance

What should I do if I find vermin in my property?

Pest control is the responsibility of the tenant.  If you find that you have an issue with vermin in or around your property you should contact Environmental Health Department of Renfrewshire Council, or alternatively arrange for a private pest control agency to alleviate the problem.   

Williamsburgh will not attend to remove or destroy any pests or vermin. However in some cases if the pests are entering the property through a common area, or there is a breach of the building's structure where the pests are gaining entry, we will attend and fix this, but you will still be responsible for eradicating the pests within your own property.

Please be aware some animals/birds are protected, therefore there are limitations to what can be done, for example if you have nesting birds in or around your roof space legally these cannot be disturbed until they have flown, contact Environmental Health for more information.