Contaminated Bins     

Following the changes in the Renfrewshire Councils’ bin collection service Williamsburgh Housing Association has been working hard with the partners to assist tenants to make the required changes in how they dispose of their household waste and to make the most of their bin capacity.  The aim is to  assist residents to maintain a good standard of cleanliness in their closes and backcourts, make the best of the area they live in and be somewhere they can be proud to call home.

The Association has invested in the changes in a number of ways including the bin management service, engaging with Renfrewshire Council Waste Advisers, continuing to carry out regular inspections and holding close meetings where necessary.  

We have in some cases emptied contaminated blue and green bins however this is not an ongoing solution.  We are aware that there are a number of bins in backcourts that are contaminated - this is the residents’ responsibility to address, as they have placed items within it that shouldn’t be there.

Please use your bin correctly.

Blue Bin  - Paper, card and cardboard

Green Bin – Plastic bottles, cans and glass

Grey Bin – All other household waste

Wheelie Bins