Anti-Social Behaviour & Neighbour Disputes

During these unprecedented times, our partners at the Community Safety Partnership are unable to provide the same service and support to us that they usually do.  Our Tenancy Team will still do whatever they can to help, and can be contacted as follows:

Sandra Doherty 0141 847 6393
Sam McNealey 0141 847 6711
Amanda Ewing 0141 847 6391
Paula Cunningham 0141 847 6392

We believe every person has the right to live in their home and community free from harassment, fear and disturbance from other people.

We know that anti-social behaviour can severely affect your quality of life and your community, so we take each reported case seriously and act upon complaints accordingly.

What is Anti-social Behaviour

The following behaviour is unacceptable and should be reported as soon as possible to the Police.

  • Loud music
  • Vandalism, property damage, fly tipping
  • Neighbour disputes or harrassment, i.e. threatening or violent behaviour towards other residents
  • Substance misuse or drug dealing
  • Hate crime & Grafitti (Williamsburgh shall remove this immediately if this was to happen)

What should I do?

If you are a victim of anti-social behaviour there are a few things you should do to ensure we are best equipped to resolve the issue; Please see below.


  1. Take responsibility, try speaking with the person in question, they may not be aware that you are being affected by their behaviour. It can often be the best way to prevent the situation from escalating, we understand raising issues with neighbours can be awkward but talking things through and avoid a lot upset if issues are raised early and dealt with amicably.
  2. If this does not work, try to remain calm and do not become involved in arguments or retaliate as this is likely to make the situation worse.
  3. Report incidents to our Tenancy Team as soon as possible, if incidents occur out with office hours or frequent, we suggest keeping a record. We have some printable log sheets available to download below, alternatively keep a diary of dates, times and type of Anti-Social Behaviour.
  4. Report ALL incidents to the Police; you can call the 101 number 24 hours a day. It is important that each incident is logged with the police, as they will provide an incident number which will begin to create a case which can be useful if the Anti-Social Behaviour is persistent.

Without sufficient information it is very difficult to act upon complaints of Anti-Social Behaviour.

What will happen next?

Williamsburgh will record and investigate your complaint and liaise with other agencies including the Community Safety Partnership, Police Scotland, The Warden Service, Noise Enforcement Team and Social Services. We will provide confidential advice and assistance. Please rest assured that we will not give out your details to the person/people invloved in your complaint. You should continue to log any further incidents reporting them to Williamsburgh and the Police. We will maintain regular contact with you throughout the duration of the case. If appropriate we will encourage and set up mediation to resolve any problems.

We will take further action if necessary, and this may result in Williamsburgh seeking to repossess a property through the Courts.

Williamsburgh are unable to take any action without evidence from the Police, Noise Enforcement Team, Wardens and corroboration from other residents.

Williamsburgh will carry out at least four inspections per annum of all communal areas.

What is not considered as Anti Social Behaviour

  • Children playing
  • Babies crying
  • Doors closing / walking loudly over the floor
  • Abandoned vehicles - Please report these to Renfrewshire Council. For full information click here

We appreciate that this may be difficult for some people however this noise is a part of everyday life. The Association will not investigate, but we can give advice on noise reduction and also offer mediation services.