Our Chief Executive Officer

The staff team is led by our Chief Executive, Jonathan Grant. Jon handles the day to day running of the association, with support from our four heads of service, leading the following sections:

  • Housing Management is responsible for areas including rent arrears, dealing with anti-social behaviour issues, estate management, factoring services, allocation of properties and maintaining a housing waiting list.
  • Maintenance is responsible for delivery of a day to day repairs service, ensuring gas safety within your property, managing and maintaining your homes and communities including major improvement work, cyclical works programmes (for example paint work etc) and adaptations to your property and front line customer service, front line customer service.
  • Customer Service Team take responsibility for housing application enquiries and processing, repairs and front line customer service.
  • Finance and I.T Team are responsible for financial management, support to our management committee, and all I.T for the Association.
  • Development takes responsibility for our development programme and wider role activities.
  • Corporate Administration is responsible for a range of duties including human resources, staff and committee training, office management, administering the Association's health and safety procedures, supporting the director and the management committee, communicating with our residents.

Williamsburgh currently employ's 42 full and part-time members of staff, delivering a range of services to our tenants, homeowners and housing applicants.