Repairs and Maintenance

The Repairs and Maintenance section handles the physical quality of the housing stock.

The team is led by Maintenance Manager Owen McMillan. Owen is also responsible for our Customer Services Team.


Reporting a repair is one of the main reasons our tenants contact us, so it is vital we ensure the service is as good as possible.

All of the works carried out for tenants are contracted to external companies, and we ensure all contractors provide a top quality service.

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Planned and Cyclical Maintenance

The Maintenance team is responsible for managing and implementing the Association's planned and cyclical maintenance programmes, ensuring properties meet and surpass Scottish Housing Quality Standards (SHQS) set by the Scottish Government.

As well as maintaining SHQS standards, the focus over the next few years will be to bring properties up to the Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing (EESSH2) by the Scottish Government. Programmes include boiler upgrades and various insulations works.

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Customer Services Team

The Customer Services Team are our first point of contact to our tenants and housing applicants. They are typically the first point of contact for our customers and deal with frontline operations at Williamsburgh. 

The team are responsible for all repair enquiries ranging from telephone calls, emails and contact via our website.T

The team also handle our housing applications, from sending out applications to assessing the circumstances and then onto loading the information onto our system. Ensuring the applicant is kept informed and instructed to submit the relevant supporting evidence, which is crucial to ensure to the team can award the relevant grade based on the circumstances.