How We Allocate Homes

Our properties are allocated based on housing need and in accordance with our Allocations policy.

All applications are assessed by our Customer Service Team, based on your current housing circumstances and are placed within a priority group.  Within that group, a grade is awarded. 

The level of grade awarded indicates the level of housing need. A higher grade indicates a higher housing need. The date you are awarded the grade is the marker for your position in the queue, within the group.

To find out more about the group and grading process, or for further information on how an application is assessed, please contact the Customer Service Team on 0141 887 8613.  

Types of allocations we will make:

Waiting List Applicants - Group 3

Your application will appear in this list if you have your own tenancy with another landord, are living care of family or friends, are of no fixed abode, have always lived with your parents, or own your home.

Transfer Applicants - Group 4

Your application will appear in this list if you are an existing tenant of Williamsburgh. In order to be considered for housing via either of the above lists, you will be required to complete an application form.

Registered Homeless Applicants & Nominations from Renfrewshire Council’s waiting list - Group 1

Your application will appear on this list if you have been assessed as currently being, or are at risk of being unintentionally homeless by Renfrewshire Council’s  Housing Advice & Homeless Services Team.   In addition, applicants received through our Nominations agreement will be placed here. If you are currently at risk of losing your home, please contact the Renfrewshire Council's Housing Advice & Homeless Services Team as soon as possible, on 0300 300 0222 for further help and assistance. 

Mobility Needs Group - Group 2

This list is for applicants who require a home suitable for someone  within the houshold who has mobility needs.  This can either be ground floor amenity, standard accommodation, or wheelchair accessible accommodation.  Applicants placed within this group wil not be offered a property with internal stairs.

No Housing Need - Group 5

This list holds details of applicants who either have no housing needs, as outlined in our Allocations Policy, or applicants who have  not submitted evidence to confirm their circumstances (as oulined in our houisng application form).  There generally are no allocation of homes made to this group.  If you have been placed in this group as a result of outstanding evidence, it is crucial that you provide it, so that your application can be moved to the correct group.

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