SUGaR: Seedhill Urban Growing and Regeneration

During the last two years, our Climate Challenge Funded project has helped to reduce the amount of clothes and furniture going to landfill and to increase production and consumption of locally grown food.

Project activities have included a programme of upcycling, recycling and food waste workshops, textile swap shops and the creation of food growing space within the grounds of Paisley Grammar School and Violet Street.

One of our regular attendees of cooking club said “I would avoid yellow labels, because I thought the food wasn’t any good, but now I’ve started buying it. I managed to make a massive beef stew and freeze it the other night using yellow label food for 2 quid.”

The SUGaR project continue to work from our Community Flat.  On Monday’s at 1pm there are cooking classes, and a lot of food is provided free by LIDL.

Wednesdays are popular for upcycling and recycling. As this class it at 6pm you need to book on to it.  Please contact our office for more details.

Classes are free – what are you waiting for?  Come join us!





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