Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP)

DHP and Bedroom Tax

A Council Fund called Discretionary Housing Payment in Scotland should cover any Underoccupancy Charge (The Bedroom Tax) on your Housing Benefit or Universal Credit Housing Costs Element.. But you must remember to apply for it. We can help with making sure any bedroom tax is covered with Housing Benefit and Universal Credit Housing Costs.

DHP and Shortfalls in Housing Benefit or Universal Credit Housing Costs Element

If you need help to pay your housing costs, you may qualify for assistance from Discretionary Housing Payments (DHP). DHP is a fund made available to those in receipt of Universal Credit Housing Cost or Housing Benefit. Where you are finding it difficult to manage to your rent payments, an application can be made to the local authority to seek some short term Financial assistance. These payments are not a type of Housing Benefit or Universal Credit Housing Cost. They are extra payments made to help with housing costs such as some or all of a rent shortfall over a short period of time..


Williamsburgh HA staff has been able to assist a large number of our tenants in hardship with successful DHP applications made with their assistance.

An example of a successful DHP award recently was for a joint tenancy with a joint income of £414.05, had household expenses of £486.28 was granted a weekly payment of £17.50 for a period of 20 weeks.

Further applications can also be made at the end of the initial award.  We recommend you get in touch with our Rents Team or our Benefits Advice Team.