Supporting Evidence

Essential Evidence to be provided by everyone

I.D Birth Certificate / Driving Licence / Passport
Proof of Address Bank Statement / Utility Bill

Please read through the examples below and match which relates to your circumstances. Please take a note of which evidence you are required to bring to your appointment.

Examples of Circumstances Evidence to be provided by you
1 Living between addresses - No Fixed Abode Two letters from the householders confirming you are living there, along with their name and address. Please also confirm the number of nights you stay there per week
2 Living 7 nights a week with family / friends on a temporary basis - Please also see row 3 One letter required from the householder confirming you are living at their address 7 nights per week
3 Overcrowded within your own tenancy or a temporary household Proof of address for everyone living at the property regardless if they are moving with you or not
4 Tenant of a private landlord A copy of your tenancy agreement
5 Registered homeless at local Council Letter from Council confirming that you have unintentionally made yourself homeless and a copy of the signed agreement for temporary accommodation
6 Demolition Order - Rented Property Demolition order from your landlord with a date the demolition will commence
7 Repossession / Court Order - Owned property/Private Let Repossession / Court order confirming that your house is to be reposessed by your mortgage lender or your landlord or sold and reason why
8 Leaving armed forces / prison / hospital / residential care Letter from the relevant agencies, such as, Social Work confirming your date to leave and that you will have nowhere to live when you leave
9 Leaving tied accommodation Written proof from your landlord / employer confirming your date to leave and that you will have nowhere to live when you leave
10 Property is below tolerable standard, for example, rising damp Letter from Environmental Services at your local Council confirming that your property fails to meet the tolerable standard
11 Medical or mobility reason This will be discussed at the interview
12 Additional bedroom for medical equiptment or overnight carer Written confirmation from a health professional, eg your GP. This must be in their opinion that you require this for medical purposes
13 Access to children / Joint custody Written confirmation from ex-partner / solicitor confirming overnight access
14 Community Care Award Please advise us if you currently have a community care award and we will check your award with the panel
15 To give or receive support Letter from both parties explaining why the move is necessary. In addition, letter from agency such as Social Work, GP, proof of DLA carers allowance/attendance allowance
16 Domestic Abuse Written support from Victim's Support / Women's Aid / Police. If unable to provide this we would ask for a written statement from you
17 Harassment - To you or a member of your household in or around your home Written confirmation from a relevant agency for example, Police / Current Landord. This must confirm the nature of the harassment. Police incident numbers may also be provided along with a detailed statement from you
18 To take up or stay in employment Where you have to travel from a different town. Letter from employer / prospective employer stating you need to move from a different town into the area to keep / take up employment
19 Looking for work in our area Where you have to travel from a different town for work. Letter from Job Centre / Employment Agency stating you are actively looking for work in the area

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