The  Management Committee

Shareholding membership of Williamsburgh HA costs £1 and any shareholder can be elected to serve on the Management Committee. 

The Committee sets the ambition, strategic direction and policy of WHA, as well as safeguarding its assets.

The range of skills, knowledge and experience on the Management Committee ensures Williamsburgh HA, as a business, is financially secure so it can deliver high quality services to our customers. Serving on the Committee is entire voluntary and can involve anything from a few hours a month to attend Committee meetings and training events, etc.

The Management Committee is elected from shareholding members and there are 15 places on the Committee. If you want to become a member of the Association, please click here for an application form. We are keen to encourage our tenants and other customers to become members of the Association.

Management Committee - Term 2021/22

Susan James - Chairperson Re-Elected 16/09/20 John Kerr - Vice Chairperson Re-Elected 18/09/19
Margaret Symons Re -Elected 15/09/21  Annie McLaughlin Re-Elected 16/09/20
Thomas Thomson Elected 15/09/21 Alison Ballintine Re-Elected 18/09/19
Yvonne Robbie Re - Elected 16/09/20 Craig Green Elected 15/09/21
John Scott Re - Elected 15/09/21 Elaine McDermott Re-Elected 18/09/19
Councillor Mags MacLaren Re-Elected 16/09/20

In addition to the Management Committee, four sub committees cover the following areas of our work:

  • Housing Management 

Deals with allocations, transfers, rent collection and arrears control, estate management and anti-social behaviour.

  • Maintenance

Deals with day to day repairs and the longer term maintenance of the building.

  • Finance 

Deals with setting the Association’s budgets, income and expenditure.

  • Development

Deals with the comprehensive improvement of existing properties and constructing new houses.