Our Vision, Mission & Objectives

WHA’s vision statement sets out the Association’s purpose:

WHA’s aim is to provide high quality, affordable homes and to maintain our commitment to continuous improvement, both in our service delivery and the regeneration of our communities.

On an annual basis we consider how our Vision guides our business priorities for the year ahead. A strategy for the next 12 months is developed, aimed at achieving  continuous improvement in the services provided to our residents. 

This seeks to: 

  • Deliver quality housing
  • Manage and maintain our tenants' homes
  • Invest in our properties
  • Maintain attractive neighbourhoods
  • Promote community regeneration

The Association's aim is to create great places to live in Renfrewshire by helping our communities and the people who live in them.    We can achieve this by improving the housing and the opportunities available to our residents.  We believe the best way to deliver this is through partnership working with Renfrewshire Council, the Scottish Government, local health services and variety of other agencies.

Business Objectives

The Association has set 9 strategic objectives for 2018/19, aimed at delivering our vision.

  • We will promote our development proposals.
  • We will successfully implement our exit strategy, in respect of the Renfrew Association of Growers and Gardeners project.
  • We will review our community regeneration strategy, committing the necessary resources to advance the schemes prioritised therein.
  • We will seek to enhance efficiency in the management of our properties, in a range of areas, which will include, for example, evaluating the performance of the single contractor arrangement.
  • We will be a caring and responsive landlord, dedicating resources towards identified priorities, such as tackling anti-social behaviour and the review of our tenant participation policy.
  • We will promote a structured programme of environmental improvement, which will encompass the maintenance of common areas, the review of bin storage areas, stonework repair and backcourt improvements.
  • Recognising the importance of good governance, we have set a number of goals, including the development of both our staff and committee members through training, appraisal and succession planning.
  • We will proactively review our business processes, to ensure organisational efficiency.
  • We will promote a number of operational matters, including the ongoing development of our computer systems and the effective response to external factors affecting the Association's operation.


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