Equality & Diversity

Williamsburgh HA  is committed to eliminating discrimination and to promoting good relations and equality of opportunity in everything we do. We aim to be fair in how we deal with people and those communities and organisations we work with and to take into account the diverse nature of different cultures and backgrounds.

In line with this, we provide services to help residents who might otherwise be disadvantaged, including:

Supported Accommodation

We provide housing to agencies who care for those with support needs, such as young people and those with learning difficulties.


Liaising with Renfrewshire Council's Occupational Therapy service, we regularly undertake work within our properties to accommodate the needs of tenants, who require specific adaptations, to meet their particular or changing needs. This can include, for example, the installation of handrails, ramps, lever taps and showers.


The Association has access to an interpreting service. Our staff can make use of this service when dealing with people whose first language is not English.


Where necessary, the Association can provide information in other languages.  We can also provide large print, audio and Braille versions.


Our website can be translated into a variety of different languages by clicking on Select Language at the top of this page.